You Can (Nearly) Watch Every Rurouni Kenshin Movie on Netflix

You Can (Nearly) Watch Every Rurouni Kenshin Movie on Netflix

Netflix has actually ultimately included the first Rurouni Kenshin live-action film, inching the platform more detailed to having all 5 of the films.

Fans of Rurouni Kenshin can currently watch the first-ever live-action adjustment on Netflix, making this the third addition to the platform’s collection of Kenshin films. This belated launch begs inquiries regarding when the remaining movies in the series will obtain included.

Back in 2016, Funimation got the live-action Rurouni Kenshin movies which were a trilogy back then. They even brought the movies to United States movie theaters for restricted runs as well as released them on Blu-ray as well as while the physical launches can still be located online, Netflix is slowly bringing the films to their platform.

The Origin Story

The first film, released in 2012, titled “Origins” in the west, was an adjustment of Nobuhiro Watsuki’s manga of the same name, concerning a wandering ronin that swore never to kill once again as repayment for their assassin past. The movie is an end result of numerous arcs from the manga’s beginnings, combined to inform the beginning story of Kenshin as well as present the large actors of characters from the series.

Below’s the summary for the initial movie, according to Netflix.

In 1868, after the Bakumatsu battle finishes, the ex-assassin Kenshin Himura goes across Japan with an inverted sword, to defend the needy without eliminating.

It’s concerned as one of the finest anime-to-live-action film adjustments. The first film was complied with by two sequels in 2014, Kyoto Inferno and The Legend Ends.

The Missing Pieces

In 2021, Netflix brought the latest live-action Kenshin films, The Final as well as The Beginning, to the platform and also just those. This suggested that the original trilogy that set up such definitive film projects was missing. A strange decision without a doubt, but with the enhancement of the first movie, it’s appearing like audiences are getting closer fully series being offered for streaming.

As the titles suggest, The Final is the conclusion of all the movies leading up to that point, with a final fight against a bad guy from Kenshin’s past, requiring him to unite all his allies to save Japan. Fascinatingly enough, the last film to be released is “The Beginning” which returns to Kenshin’s days as an assassin and also adjusts the “Trust and Betrayal” tale believed to be among the very best in the series. The animated OVA of that arc is just one of the most extremely pertained to OVAs in anime.

It could be guessed that Funimation’s unique streaming rights could be running out, permitting Netflix to obtain in on the action. There aren’t any type of signs of Kenshin leaving Funimation as of the time of creating, however the company has actually been recognized to lose the rights to certain franchises as time takes place. The Crunchyroll purchase of Funimation has actually left a lot up in the air.

Funimation’s shop web page guides visitors directly to Crunchyroll’s shop page, which just has the third movie available as of the moment of writing. The other movies are offered via Amazon, however, for just how much longer is unidentified. Whether Crunchyroll renews the purchase of the films or not, it’s prematurely to inform. It’s just as likely Netflix will nab up the civil liberties as well as finish the collection on their platform.

As it is now, customers interested to look into the films on Netflix won’t have the full photo, yet having the introductory movie is better than nothing whatsoever. Without the 3rd and 2nd films, numerous side personalities that have a large effect on the story are absent, a large sacrifice in a collection with such a colorful cast of personalities.

Rurouni Kenshin is offered for streaming on Netflix, in addition to the last 2 films, The Final as well as The Beginning.