The Jackass franchise has actually been flourishing for just twenty years, and the franchise’s origins can be traced back to publications and solo videos. When things removed, the men began making bank, and fans got knowledgeable about them all on their roadway to fame.

Brandon Novak at first dealt with Bam Margera’s CKY prior to making the leap to Jackass, and he became part of the franchise for many years. Novak has actually gone through the fire and the flames, even having a falling out with Bam Margera.

It’s been a long time because lots of signed in on Novak, so let’s shine a light on the previous Jackass star and see how he’s doing now.


Brandon Novak Acquired Prestige With ‘Viva La Bam’

For most of people, Brandon Novak is a figure that they grew to understand on Viva la Bam. Novak made his existence felt on that program, and he would likewise make CKY and Jackass looks, also.

What some people may not understand is that Novak really made waves as a professional skater long prior to his MTV days.

“Brandon Novak first rose to fame as a world-renowned professional skateboarder. His skills were discovered by skate legends Tony Hawk and Bucky Lasek when he was just a teenager. He soon toured the country on the Powell-Peralta team, landed endorsement deals with Gatorade, and even starred in commercials with Michael Jordan at the young age of 15,” his site bio checks out.

All in all, he would appear in CKY3, CKY4: The Current & Greatest, Jackass Second, Jackass 2.5, Jackass 3D, and Jackass 3.5. He even made a look and Steve-O: Gnarly, which was launched in 2020

The increase to the top was an unforgettable one for Novak, however rather of simply enjoying in his success, he handled some devils that significantly affected his life.

He’s Worked Vigilantly At Dominating His Dependency

For the unknown, Brandon Novak is somebody who has actually had problem with dependency since he was a teen. He has actually been rather open with what he has actually gone through, and he even released a book entitled Dreamseller almost 15 years back.

“Although he appeared to have it all, behind the scenes, Brandon Novak’s life was falling apart from a heroin addiction. After more than 25 years of addiction, Brandon was finally able to get clean,” his bio states.

Not just has Novak handle dependency, however he likewise had a falling out with long time good friend, Bam Margera, a long time back. Unfortunately, their falling out was put out for the world to see, and Margera took some nasty chance ats his previous good friend in a really public way.

Throughout their public spat, Novak was still helpful of his old good friend.

On Steve-O’s podcast back in 2021, Novak stated, “If it wasn’t for him, I’d be buried in that plot that my mother bought me in Baltimore. He was the one that stopped what he was doing and reached out to me, and said, ‘Yo, come to Westchester, live with me and skate again.'”

Conquering all of this is something that a couple of people are developed to do, however fortunately, Brandon Novak has actually had the ability to accomplish what lots of idea was difficult.

Brandon Novak Is Returning Nowadays

So, what is the notorious Brandon Novak as much as today? Fortunately, he has actually been tidy and sober for a long time, and he is working to spread his story with the hope of altering lives and motivating others to look for treatment.

According to his site, “Since getting sober, Brandon Novak has been sharing his story to help others do the same. He travels the country for Banyan Treatment Centers as both a recovery advocate doing public speaking events as well as an interventionist staging private meetings. You can also read more about Brandon’s journey to sobriety in his books. Brandon’s testimonial is a powerful mission statement for his commitment to the recovery community.”

Not just is Novak dealing with spreading out the his excellent news, however he is likewise fixing relationships, also. Those that follow him on social networks have actually seen that he and Margera are as soon as again close. For fans, it’s a revitalizing sight, as the 2 had actually gotten rid of a relationship that had actually gone on for many years.

Brandon Novak has actually put a great deal of energy and time into his healing, and it has actually made a night-and-day distinction from the individual he utilized to be. Ideally, he can continue to influence others to alter their lives for the much better by spreading his story.