As Scott McGlynn has actually formerly informed TheThings, as soon as upon a time, he was a shy teen, too uneasy to talk to his schoolmates – or anybody beyond his little group of buddies, for that matter.

Nevertheless, those days are gone, and today, he’s not just able to develop connections with practically anybody, however anybody who‘s anybody.

So, simply how did Scott McGlynn go from shy person to the man positive adequate to rub shoulders with the A-list, and end up being an A-lister himself?


We took a seat with the star, podcaster and host of Celeb Skin Talks to hear more about his journey to fame.

Scott Reflects On His Very First ‘Celeb Skin Talks’ Interview

Nowadays, Scott McGlynn is utilized to having deep, skincare-related discussions with stars around the world. Most just recently, he brought Dr Pimple Popper onto his Instagram Live program.

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That stated, all of us need to begin someplace – and Scott, for one, remembers his really first interview, for the program clear as day.

In truth, asked who was the very first to join him on an episode, Scott does not avoid a beat: Listed Below Deck Mediterranean‘s Jessica More.

“She’s a sweetheart,” he smiles – including that he discovers her, “very inspiring.”

“Jessica More and I had a lot in common, and we still chat to this day, since we met in September 2020.”

Given that his interview with the Listed Below Deck Mediterranean alum, Scott has actually gone on to do a variety of prominent episodes of Celeb Skin Talks – and, in addition to his self-titled podcast, he’s had lots of practice when it pertains to fraternizing with the stars.

Oh – and it definitely assists that he’s ended up being an A-lister, himself!

Scott McGlynn’s First Red Carpet Experience

Scott has actually long been a function on the star scene. One does not snag an interview with Perez Hilton without that holding true!

Nevertheless, when it pertains to his own status as a star, he’s extremely simple.

In truth, he shares that it was just in 2021 that he understood he’d made the major leagues.

“I believe my first big event was the Everyone’s Talking About Jamie film premiere. I had been to events before, and went expecting it to be the same … but it wasn’t. It was huge! I think that was the moment when I felt like I’d made it big.”

Scott Still Gets Some Starstruck Jitters – However This Is How He Relocations Beyond Them

Scott is gradually however undoubtedly concerning terms with his fame, however that’s not to state he’s lost any tips of the shyness he as soon as experienced, day-and-night.

In truth, asked if he ever felt nerves ahead of big interviews, he does not require to hesitate. “OH YES!” he chuckles.

“Depending on who it is, I do still get very nervous. Some are friends of mine, so I feel very comfortable because we know each other – but there have been a few where I got sweaty palms, for sure!”

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When It Comes To how he moves beyond those jitters, Scott concludes our chat by discussing what he informs himself – and, as a reward, it’s the very same suggestions he’d offer anybody dealing with their very first red carpet or interview.

“Have fun, smile, and enjoy it. It all goes very fast, so just take it in and have fun. That’s what I always do!”

Excellent suggestions from a super star in the making – we simply can’t get enough of Scott McGlynn!