The Big Conn is a docu-series about among the biggest cases of federal government scams in U.S. history and at the center of the story is the scam artist who is, paradoxically, called Eric Conn. Yes, the man who defrauded the U.S. social security system of over half of a billion dollars is called Conn, ain’t that something?

However all jokes and paradoxical names aside, there is absolutely nothing amusing about what Eric Conn, a.k.a “Mr. Social Security,” did. He lied to countless people and obtained among the most essential social safeguard that exists in the United States, all while obtaining powerless people who were either too old or too hurt to work regular tasks.

Let us take a look at Eric Conn. Who was he? Why did he defraud the general public for almost a billion dollars? How did he get captured? And what was the consequences of his disgusting strategy?

8 Eric Conn Began Practicing Law In 1993

Eric Conn was simply a typical Kentucky legal representative, on the surface area a minimum of. He began practicing law after passing the Kentucky State Bar in 1993 and quickly later opened a personal practice. Not long after opening his practice, Eric Conn started to represent an enormous list of customers and was quickly making millions, however not whatever was precisely legal. In truth, the core of his practice was well-being scams.


7 What Was Eric Conn’s Rip-off?

Conn was a special needs declares legal representative. Conn represented people who applied for employee’s compensation or other methods of social security if they were hurt on the task, too old to work, or if they were senior and not getting their complete social security advantages. He won social security advantages for countless people, however he did so really unlawfully.

6 “Mr. Social Security”

Conn was viewed as among the most effective attorneys in Kentucky and as a special needs lawyer, he was viewed as among the most effective in the nation. He quickly welcomed his growing celeb in a manner that looks like a plotline taken straight out of Much Better Call Saul. Like Saul Goodman, Conn utilized tricks like busty women in his advertisements and flamboyant signboards and commercials. His “success” rate for getting his customers their social security advantages made him the label, “Mr. Social Security.”

5 Eric Conn Had Assist Devoting His Criminal Offenses

How was Eric Conn able to win for his customers so typically? Well, the response is basic, he lied. He created medical files and office injury claims and damaged lots of files and reports in ways that proved his customers’ claims. Not just this, however Conn, once again similar to Saul Goodman, was well linked. He had aid from medical professionals, other attorneys, and civil servant, all of whom would assist him create the previously mentioned files. A man does not construct a $500 million fraud alone.

4 How Was Eric Conn Caught?

2 whistleblowers stepped forward determining Conn as the ringleader in this dreadful plot. Right after the examination Conn was detained and placed on home arrest. However Conn, ever the significant one, chose to make a run for the border. He cut off his home arrest ankle screen and got away the nation.

3 Eric Conn Was A Fugitive For Months

Eric Conn was an at-large fugitive and hunted by the FBI for months. Conn, when again a fan of the significant, chose it would be an excellent concept to send out teasing messages. Aside from the truth this is the very same habits as serial killers like Jack the Ripper and the Zodiac killer, it may have returned to bite Conn in the butt. After months on the lamb, Conn was detained in a Pizza Hut in Honduras. Going from a multi-million dollar net worth to getting busted in a Pizza Hut is a significant fall from grace.

2 Eric Conn Will Remain In Jail For Many Years

Conn was regretful in his trial, however it did him little bit great. He was imprisoned for 12 years for his scams charges, and he was provided an additional 15 years for breaching the regards to his home arrest and leaving the nation. Conn’s sentence is set to last up until 2040 and there is no readily available details regarding when or if he will ever be up for parole.

1 What To Understand About The Eric Conn Documentary Series ‘The Big Conn’

The Big Conn streams on Apple+ and evaluations have actually been terrific. Due Date considers it to be an “Emmy Contender” and victims of Conn have actually been provided an opportunity to inform their stories and how Conn’s lies impacted them. We likewise speak with the representatives who hunted him down, whistleblowers, and members of his neighborhood. The program paints a complete picture of the man, for much better or even worse, however most of the things we learn more about him is for the worst. A number of Conn’s victims are still coping with the effects of his scams. Taking $550 million has some beautiful prevalent effects. It likewise produces an interesting documentary.