The fourteenth season of the Genuine Homemakers of Atlanta truth television program is upon us, and as anticipated, it is drama-packed. Given that its best in 2008, the truth program has actually left fans rooting for their favorites and choosing sides with their preferred homemaker. The clashes in between the program’s stars are among its lots of highlights, as fans have actually tagged particular ones as the best fights on the program.

Although simply into its 4th episode, there is drama developing in between returning homemaker Drew and OG Sheree. Drew, the second-time returning homemaker, had a spoken run-in with Sheree at the birthday celebration for Kenya’s child. The jolly tea-themed celebration took an awful turn when Kenya presented a game where the girls shared reports that they had actually become aware of one another. What was adjudged a simple run-in in between RHOA stars Sheree Whitfield and Drew Sidora has actually finished into a genuine fight.

8 Sheree Whitfield Supposedly Owes Her Previous Assistant

It was all enjoyable and games up until Drew informed the group of the rumor she found out about co-star Sheree. The kid star described that her assistant, who was previously in the use of Sheree, exposed this to her. She stated, “Anthony said that he was your assistant but that he had to cut ties because you never paid him,” She even more described that she wasn’t sure of the rumor since she didn’t understand Sheree.


7 Sheree Fired Back At Drew

Sheree Whitfield didn’t take the supposed rumor that she owes her previous assistant $20k gently. The designer revealed her disgust about Drew Sidora spreading out false information about her to co-stars when she understood absolutely nothing about her individual life. “Did you not tell Kandi? And then Kandi told Marlo. Can you please tell me what you’re talking about?” she stated, lashing back at Drew.

6 Sheree Whitfield’s Good friend Made It Even Messier

The spoken run-in got untidy as both women tossed unhinged words throughout the table. As the brawl of words continued, Sheree Whitfield’s good friend shared a rumor that left everybody at the table wide-eyed in shock, “Isn’t that the same guy who said her husband is gay,” she blurted. Sheree’s good friend exposed that contrary to what Drew Sidora was informed, it was Anthony who was hustling after Sheree to work for her. According to her, Sheree declined to work with Anthony since he was spreading out reports about Drew and her hubby.

5 Anthony Was The Rumor Peddler

At the center of this feuding women is a tattle-tale assistant called Anthony, who was privy to their individual lives. Pitching reports appear to be a thing for Anthony. He informed one celebration that he was not made up for his services, while he stated to the other that his employer’s partner, Ralph Pittman was a closeted gay. As it appears, Anthony’s task may be hanging by a thread as he has actually been put on probation by theatre-loving television star, Drew. On the other hand, Sheree declares that she never ever utilized Anthony, and he was never ever her assistant.

4 Shereé Whitfield And Drew Sidora’s Battle Goes On To Twitter

The truth television stars took the battle the video cameras and into the streets of Twitter in a tweet battle. On the best of the program’s 3rd episode, Drew tossed the very first shade at her co-star. “If you can’t distinguish Spring, Summer, or September, you probably can’t keep your payrolls straight,” she tweeted. Sheree captured her shade and lost no time at all responding, “Just like you can’t keep your marriage straight.” The women addressed each other in another round of tweets prior to keeping their peace.

3 The ‘RHOA’ Fight Is Far From Over

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The unfolding drama in between Drew and Sheree is far from over. A day after the 3rd episode aired, Drew was a visitor on Meal Country, and she had some more words for her co-star, Sheree. The ‘Set It Up’ starlet recommended Sheree to concentrate on her style line instead of spending quality time discussing people’s marital relationships. Drew didn’t stop there; she took the shade a notch greater by asking her co-star to fret about going back to the program for the next season. Sheree lashed back at her co-star, declaring that she just took pleasure in more screen time since her stories were phony.

2 Kandi Burruss Uses Her 2 Cents On The Feuding Duo

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Co-star on the RHOA program, Kandi Burruss, was a visitor on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Takes Place Live!. There, she shared her ideas on the battle in between Drew and Sheree. The Masked Singer alumn acknowledged the anger of the warring celebrations, particularly with Drew considering that her hubby was included. Kandi thinks that her feuding co-stars are directing their anger the incorrect method. She believes that the tattle-tailed individual assistant, Anthony, must get the bulk of the heat for sharing relatively incorrect tales about both women.

1 Drew Sidora’s Marital relationship With Ralph Pittman Is Undamaged

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The marital relationship in between Drew Sidora and her hubby, Ralph Pittman, has actually not been one without its tests and trials. The most current of which is the rumor worrying Ralph’s sexual orientations. Ralph seems unbothered by the stories making the rounds. According to him, the allegations were simple stories spun by people who required something to state. In spite of the accusation by Drew’s assistant, Anthony, the couple is concentrated on making their marital relationship work.