International title: Gomorrah. Italy (2014 – ongoing) – Seasons: 4. Episodes: 48. Long story series

Freely inspired by the novel-reportage by Roberto Saviano, involved in the making of the series, Gomorra – La serie is the second audiovisual adaptation after Matteo Garrone’s film. The serial format allows you to develop multiple parallel stories and follow the criminal protagonists at length.

The series

Gomorrah immediately focuses on power struggles, betrayals and about-faces within the “system” and the clans, first of all the one commanded by the Savastano family. No character is safe, between Shakespearean echoes in the relationships between fathers and sons, bosses and subordinates, brothers of clans. The series mixes the realism of violence, dialect and criminal situations with a stylized and somber visual style. The deafening absence of the police (at least until the fourth season), together with the livid photography and the narrative use of the music, contributes to a hopeless obscurity that avoids the risk of mythicization of the criminals (whatever the journalistic alarmisms say. ). Among the directors Stefano Sollima, Francesca Comencini and Claudio Cupellini.