The kids of well-known Hollywood couples continue to bloom in front of our eyes. From Maude and Iris Apatow to Willow and Jaden Smith, well-known kids continue to share their imagination and skills with the world, contributing to the excellent traditions their moms and dads have actually currently developed. Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Philippe’s kids, Deacon and Ava, are no various.

Nevertheless, originating from a well-known household does not imply that the 2 did not have traditional brother or sister competitions. Still, considered that their moms and dads were formally separated by 2008, it is possible that they created a solid bond as they needed to browse their star moms and dads’ public divided together. Now that they are older and pursuing their professions in music and modeling, lots of might question, do Deacon and Ava Phillippe agree each other?

8 Who Is Deacon Reese Phillippe?

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Deacon is the 18-year-old child of actors Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon. Deacon has a striking similarity to his well-known daddy. In addition to his older sis Ava, he has one half-brother, Tennessee, from his mom’s marital relationship to talent scout Jim Toth and one half-sister, Kai, from his daddy’s previous relationship with ex-girlfriend Alexis Knapp.


7 Who Is Ava Phillippe?

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Ava is Deacon’s 22-year-old older sis, and the only child that Ryan and Reese share from their marital relationship. Her moms and dads called her after the iconic starlet Ava Gardner, and comparable to Deacon, Ava has a striking similarity to her well-known mom. She is presently going to UC Berkeley. Much to the satisfaction of her one million fans, she typically publishes her imaginative paintings, charming throwbacks of her mother, and cool modeling image shoots on her Instagram.

6 How Did Deacon And Ava’s Moms and dads Satisfy?

Previous Hollywood it-couple Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe fulfilled at Reese’s 21st birthday celebration in March 1997. The couple would go on to star in the romantic thriller Harsh Objectives in March 1999 and wed in June 1999. Though the 2 ultimately divided in 2006 after accusations of Ryan unfaithful with his Stop-Loss costar Abbie Cornish, both Reese and Ryan have stayed dedicated to co-parenting their now adult kids, Ava and Deacon

5 Do Deacon And Ava Phillippe Get Along?

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Based upon Ava’s lots of Instagram posts devoted to Deacon, the brother or sisters appear to get along effectively. In honor of Deacon’s 18th birthday, Ava published a wholehearted message, composing to Deacon that she’s “eternally grateful to be [his] big sister.” You can likewise discover Ava supporting her little bro in his Instagram remarks. On Deacon’s current senior prom post, the helpful big sis commented “looking sharp!”

4 Do Deacon And Ava Strategy To End Up Being Actors Like Their Moms and dads?

Though both Deacon and Ava appear like their moms and dads, since today, they do not prepare to follow in their moms and dads’ acting steps. Deacon is presently a music manufacturer. He has actually currently teamed up with Nina Nesbitt on his very first single “Long Run” and with Loren Gray on his 2nd single “Love For The Summer.” Though Ava is not entirely versus pursuing acting in the future, she is presently pursuing a modeling profession. In December 2021, Ava and Deacon designed for Beyonce’s adidas x IVY PARK partnership, “HALLS of IVY.”

3 Do Deacon And Ava Agree Their Famous Mommy, Reese Witherspoon?

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Once Again, if Instagram is any indicator, Reese, Ava, and Deacon appear to be a really tight-knit group. Ava never ever stops working to publish a charming throwback of her starlet mother. Reese typically posts images of her kids, revealing that Deacon and Ava have actually not wandered too far from their mother even as they have actually grown older. At the end of in 2015, all 3 of Reese’s kids even joined her for the best of Sing 2.

2 How Are Deacon And Ava’s Relationships With Their Famous Father?

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Less is understood about Deacon and Ava’s relationship with their daddy. Based upon social networks posts, Deacon appears to be more detailed with his daddy, while Ava appears to be more detailed with her mom. Ava does not follow her daddy on social networks, and Ryan hardly ever posts Ava on his account. On the other hand, Ryan has actually published about his lots of taking a trip adventures with child Deacon. Deacon likewise just recently shared photos with his daddy sending him off to senior prom.

1 Deacon Made A Surprise Look In His Mommy’s TikTok

If you required anymore proof that Reese has a close relationship with her kids, this TikTok ought to do it. Back in 2020, her earliest child Deacon joined her for a TikTok to teach her how to stay up to date with brand-new patterns. And everybody understands that a household that TikToks together, remains together.