The Flight Attendant has actually been among HBO Max’s most effective initial series up until now. Starring Kaley Cuoco (who likewise acts as the program’s executive manufacturer), the program follows the (mis)experiences of alcoholic flight attendant Cassie Bowden (Cuoco) as she discovers herself in unsafe circumstances that typically include a murder case and somebody attempting to frame her for it.


Given That its release, critics have actually been raving about the program. More significantly, The Flight Attendant has actually likewise gone to score a Golden World election and an Emmy win. Up until now, the program has actually run for 2 seasons with its 2nd season ending including numerous unexpected twists and stunning moments. And while there is no word on a 3rd season yet, it practically appears that the ending itself hinted that this isn’t the last that anybody has actually seen of Cassie yet.

What Took Place In The Flight Attendant Season 2?

At the end of the 2nd season, Cassie was figured out to put her life back together. She has actually pertained to terms with the reality that she stopped working to keep her sobriety. She’s likewise in the middle of fixing her damaged relationship with her mommy (Sharon Stone).

On the other hand, after practically being framed and eliminated, Cassie, who has actually ended up being a CIA possession, assisted reveal a mole at the firm. Later, she likewise hinders another effort on her life after finding that her fellow AA guest Jenny (Jessie Ennis) desired her dead at the advising of Feliks (Colin Woodell) who continues to rot in prison.

In General, The Flight Attendant provided a strong 2nd season. And while critics might have applauded the very first season more, the agreement is that the series still provided a number of pleasing twists. More significantly, there is still a great deal of appreciation for how Cuoco depicted Cassie’s battle with alcohol addiction.

The Flight Attendant Showrunners State ‘There’s Constantly More Story’ For Cassie

With all the loose ends in season 2 bound perfectly, The Flight Attendant showrunners Natalie Chaidez and Steve Yockey made it clear that they meant to provide fans a total story, whether the program gets gotten for a 3rd season or not.

“Our goal, and I hate to say this, but our goal is to make sure when we get to the end of each season, that could be the end; that people will feel satisfied and emotionally with her, where she’s off to next,” Yockey discussed.

On The Other Hand, in the matter of where Cassie is off next, they likewise have some concepts. For beginners, it can’t be more of the exact same. Cuoco’s character needs to grow a lot more.

“I feel like this chapter of her story has been told. Someone asked, ‘How many times can you emotionally traumatize this woman and get enough television out of it?’” Yockey stated.

“I think if there were to be additional seasons, it would be a new case, a new adventure for her to get caught up in and, how does that upend what’s happening in her personal life, her personal growth? So, I think there’s always more story for her, but I think she’s on the right path.”

At the exact same time, nevertheless, a brand-new season for the program would still discuss Cassie’s journey to sobriety as she attempts not to fall off the wagon once again. “We talk a lot about how recovery isn’t a one-year, one-season, two-season journey; it’s a lifetime journey,” Chaidez discussed. “So, there’s always a place to go with that, and that was exciting to me and Steve while diving into season two.”