Considering That Kanye West‘s short love with Julia Fox, the Uncut Gems starlet has actually been making headings for the most “annoying” factors. However just recently, Cara Delevingne has actually been providing her a run for her cash. The previous Victoria’s Secret design went viral after her unusual habits towards “complicated” good friends, Megan Thee Stallion and Doja Feline throughout the 2022 Signboard Music Awards.

Coincidentally, Fox likewise had a “crazy” encounter with Delevingne back when the previous was still good friends with her bane, Azealia Banks. The design was formerly implicated of buffooning Fox, too. Then just recently, Banks has actually revealed her assistance for Delevingne in the middle of the BBMAs debate. Here’s what’s actually going on in between them.


Cara Delevingne Mocked Julia Fox’s Viral ‘Uncut Gems’ Video

Like everybody else after Fox’s viral Uncut Gems clip, Delevingne participated on the TikTok pattern — lip-syncing the starlet’ strange pronunciation of the movie and putting her own spin on it. Nevertheless, fans weren’t pleased about the supermodel’s parody. “She shouldn’t be getting this brave cause at least Julia can act,” stated a Twitter user.

Another fan likewise roasted Delevingne’s greatly slammed movie, Suicide Team. “Just saw a video of [Cara Delevingne] mocking [Julia Fox] which is funny because [Julia Fox] is in the cult class [Uncut Gems] and [Cara] has the [Suicide Squad],” they tweeted.

A netizen even raised Delevingne’s involvement in the questionable Picture video. “@Caradelevingne being part of the imagine video but trying to mock Julia Fox like TAKE EVERY SEAT MISS MAM WE DIDNT FORGET,” tweeted the fan. In 2020, the supermodel, in addition to other celebs like Gal Gadot recorded themselves singing John Lennon’s Picture while self-isolating. The Marvel Lady starlet stated she did it due to the fact that she “feeling a bit philosophical” 6 days into quarantine.

Every celeb because video was slammed for “trying to be relatable” when a great deal of people were having a hard time throughout the lockdown. “Imagine being worth $10M+ and thinking singing a song with multiple other rich celebs will make people struggling to get by during a global pandemic feel better. @GalGadot @MarkRuffalo @Caradelevingne @jimmyfallon,” composed a fan.

Julia Fox Called Cara Delevingne ‘Thirsty’

In 2021, Fox and her buddy, Niki Takesh remembered an event where Delevingne made a surprise look at an Azealia Banks performance. “The craziest thing happened,” Takesh shared on Forbidden Fruits podcast. “We’re watching Azealia Banks and, like, we look to the side of the stage, we were, like, up close in the front. And we see this person, like, trying to keep push past, rushing past security. Fox also remembered seeing Delevingne move to the front of the stage so Banks would notice her. “We recognized extremely rapidly that Cara is lost,” said the actress, adding that the model “fell backwards” on the phase then fell under the crowd.

“It was so crazy. I could tell by Azealia’s face, she was like over it. She was like, ‘OK, let me have my moment,'” Fox stated of that time. She then identified Delevingne’s habits as “thirsty.” Just recently, fans have actually recognized that the starlet’s declaration was in fact a caution after seeing the design “thirst” on Megan Thee Stallion at the 2022 BBMAs. “Honestly should have listened when Julia Fox tried to warn everyone about Cara Delevingne,” tweeted a fan. Another one included: “[Cara Delevingne] just confirmed [Julia Fox’s] accusations on calling her weird.”

Then there are fans who in fact believe Fox and Delevingne ought to pair and do insane things together. “Cara Delevingne and Julia Fox should hang out I think they’d get along,” one tweeted. Another fan likewise believe that they ought to star in a truth reveal together. “Hear me out on this…[Cara Delevingne] and [Julia Fox] pair up for a reality show where they just attempt to attend normal functions,” recommended the netizen, including that “it truly would be the most iconic reality duo since [Paris Hilton] and [Nicole Richie].”

Azealia Banks Discussed Cara Delevingne’s BBMAs Habits

Following the viral clips of Delevingne playing with Megan Thee Stallion’s gown at the BBMAs, Banks went on a Twitter tirade to safeguard the design. “Cara doesn’t have an obsession with black women. It’s that upper crust English society full of fake white and jealous people who were never as charismatic as she is that made fake friendships, tried sabotaging her every which way she moved and the intense jealousy,” she tweeted, including that Delevingne was in fact utilized for influence.

“Everyone always wanted to use Cara for what they could get from her, and luckily for her – none of them got anything substantial,” Banks continued, “deep down I could tell she was (like me) so used to being told ur a bad person that she began to believe those things about her self. That’s my girl thru and thru.” We’re thinking she didn’t actually mind that “crazy” performance occurrence with Delevingne.